Musical Theatre at AEA

At Academy of Expressive Arts, we believe in the transformative power of musical theatre. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are committed to providing industry level training and performance opportunities for aspiring young performers. Our classes challenge and inspire our students as we work with them in a positive and professional manner to nurture their talent. 

Pre School Musical Theatre (3+)

Junior Musical Theatre (P1-P7)

Senior Musical Theatre (S1-S6)

Pre School Musical Theatre

Welcome to our Pre-school Musical Theatre program at AEA! Our program is designed to introduce young children to the world of musical theatre in a fun and engaging way. Through singing, dancing, and imaginative play, your child will develop important skills like coordination, creativity, and teamwork. Our experienced teachers will guide your child through each class, helping them to discover their unique talents and build their confidence. Join us for a magical adventure in musical theatre!

Junior Musical Theatre

Junior Musical Theatre at AEA is the perfect place for young performers to develop their skills and passion for musical theatre. Our experienced instructors provide a supportive and creative environment where students can learn singing, dancing, and acting techniques. Through this program, students not only gain performance skills, but also build confidence and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Senior Musical Theatre

Senior Musical Theatre at AEA is a dynamic and exciting class for teen performers who wish to further their skills. Our team of professional instructors work with students to develop their singing, acting and dance abilities, along with lifelong, valuable skills.

Interested in AEA Musical Theatre?